If you’ve spent time on modern social media, you will know that it is impossible to discuss controversial questions on those channels in an edifying manner. Questions of faith, morals, philosophy and culture are among the most important questions in life and they need to be discussed in a respectful and careful manner among responsible Catholic adults.

Give not that which is holy to dogs; neither cast ye your pearls before swine.

St. Matthew 7:6

On this blog, I will be sharing articles, videos and posts on sensitive issues of great importance, and I’d like to reserve these resources, and the discussions that grow out of them, to a limited number of committed members willing to abide by the following nondisclosure agreement.

Content available only to subscribed members will be published regularly on this site as I withdraw from social media activity and make all of my content available here, exclusively.

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May God bless our studies and discussions.

Mr. William C. Michael, Owner
The Catholic Classicist