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Posts published in September 2023

Recommended Reading

Chapter 4 of volume 1 of the Cambridge Medieval History is excellent and recommended reading for all Christians.

Why Christianity Overcomes

A great passage from the Cambridge Medieval History, after describing the failures of Julian the Apostate. A good reminder for us today.

Baptists and Religious Freedom in America

The following was a response I posted after reading Isaac Backus’ “Appeal to the Public for Religious Freedom” (1773) in my “Creation of the Constitution”…

Should There Be Term Limits?

As one of the founding fathers, John Adams wrote the following in his “Thoughts on Government”

What Scientists Should Do on Mars

Listening to Elon Musk or other scientists talk about life on Mars is embarrassing. Human beings cannot live on Mars or anywhere else in the…

Boasting about Abortion Care? The problem with talk about abortion care is that the abortion argument begins with an acknowledgement that a woman is in a bad situation.…

Take a Walk and Breathe

Montesquieu and the Nature of Political Societies

The following was submitted as work for “Creation of the Constitution” with Prof. Robert Allison in Harvard Extension School. Throughout history, Christians have believed that…