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An Idle Military

In 1787, the American people had no federal government. The people of the 13 states had to be persuaded that it was in their best interest to fund a federal government. The people ratified the Constitution and the American federal government was created.

In 2023, the American people provide for the largest and most powerful military in the world. It has a budget of $817 billion.

Yet, when Russia invaded Ukraine in 2022, the American military was not deployed to defend Ukraine. Instead, the world’s largest military sat idle, fully funded, and the American people were made to pay for the defense of Ukraine. As of today the amount exceeds $100 billion.

Why is American military idle? Why is the American people made to support a professional Army if it will not be deployed in response to military conflict?

Why are the American people made to fund a military that sits idle when, supposedly, our interests are threatened?

This either suggests that our interest in Ukraine is not real, or that our military is unnecessary.

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