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Classical Reasoning & Rhetoric Courses

Yesterday, I filled out all of the Reasoning and Rhetoric courses in the Academy. These include:

  1. Classical Reasoning I
    Porphyry’s Introduction, Aristotle’s Categories & On Interpretation
  2. Classical Reasoning II
    Aristotle’s Prior Analytics
  3. Classical Reasoning III
    Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics
  4. Classical Reasoning IV
    Aristotle’s Topics
  5. Classical Reasoning V
    Aristotle’s Sophistical Elenchi
  6. Classical Rhetoric I
    Aristotle’s Art of Rhetoric

These courses are really the core of the whole classical liberal arts curriculum, without which, any understanding of Aristotelean or Scholastic philosophy is impossible.

I named the Rhetoric course “Rhetoric I” because I am considering adding a second course that covers the Roman rhetorical works of Cicero. We’ll see.


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