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Don’t Imagine that the Modern Craziness Only Exists Outside the Christian Community

Watching the news today, the level of craziness is amazing. Of course, it’s amplified for attention by the media outlets, but the frequency of it that’s available for content is multiplying.

The fundamental issue is that justice must be taught and enforced in human society and democracy has allowed all of the culture progress of history, like all of the philosophical and theological learning of history to be unraveled.

However, if you are considering entering into any kind of business or service to the Christian community to try and avoid the injustice and craziness of “the world”, you need to be warned that the craziness you’re trying to get away from will not be avoided by restricting yourself to the Christian community.

In 16+ years of working as a self-employed teacher, I have experienced more and worse craziness from Catholics in the Catholic community than I ever did in my life before I became a Catholic, or even a Christian. The philosophical and theological ignorance–especially philosophical–that plagues modern secular society is also present in the Christian community and you’ll experience the same things you read about on the news.

The essential problem in modern society is the inability for people to understand how to operate in a diverse, democratic society. Their opinions are so fragile that they demand support from all whom they interact with, in every point. If any opinion of theirs is not held and reinforced by another, they cannot accept that point of disagreement but insist that the other person (not themselves!) be banished from the class of good people. This desire for exclusivity in a pluralistic and free society drives them insane. “Cancel culture” is common not only in secular political circles, but in Christian circles because it’s the only way irrational people can deal with disagreement.

So, if you’re working “in the world” and you’re frustrated by the modern craziness that’s unfolding, don’t allow yourself to be deceived by thoughts that if you devote yourself to “Christian business” you’ll escape that craziness. If you don’t understand the problem and have the skin to deal with that craziness, you’re not going to find any relief in Christian circles. It’s the same culture, with articles of faith mingled in.

You’ve been warned.


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