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Finished with Social Media

As I progress in my Dominican formation and see my life’s work in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy expanding, all of the activity of social media has become boring. This happened to me 10 years ago with sports, because my work became far more exciting to me than the games on television. Over the past month, I’ve come to grow disinterested in social media.

The war in Ukraine has made me lose all confidence in the news media. They have reported daily on the events in Ukraine for over a year and have no idea what’s going on. News agencies contradict one another constantly and we sit there reading every headline and article, to know nothing with any certainty in the end. This is a complete waste of time and I have no interest in reading any of the news any more. Looking out my office window reveals all I need to know about the world at this point in my life.

The evil of Catholics criticizing the Pope and bishops has revealed how utterly ridiculous the concept of social media is. Unknowing and unknown men and women, with free social media accounts, constantly attack the Holy Father and bishops of the Catholic Church with blasphemous language that I could never imagine hearing in person. It’s disgusting and evil and I have no interest in being tempted to engage with these depraved people.

I used to believe I had a responsibility to “stay informed” with the news and to “make a defense” for the Church, but I don’t believe this is true anymore. Social media is a cesspool of idle men and women, in which nothing is accomplished of any value.

Worst of all, when one thinks that instead of reading the news or reading the foolishness of individuals, one could be studying Sacred Scripture, praying the Liturgy of the Hours, etc., it’s inexcusable. I’m officially out.

Furthermore, I don’t even know if I should continue advertising the Academy on social media because, when I look at the best families in the Academy, they’re not on social media. They come into the Academy through search engines, word-of-mouth and YouTube videos.

The social media channels are useless.


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