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Focusing on Curriculum Development in 2023-2024

Last year, I took a risk, investing a lot of time working directly with students through Zoom meetings. This costs me a great deal of time and, because all progress ultimately depends on students completing academic tasks (rather than chatting with teachers), very little gets done. I believe most of what modern teachers do is a waste of time and distraction from real academic work.

Worst of all, homeschool parents think nothing of signing kids up for tutoring, meetings, etc., receive hours and hours of individualized attention, and then bounce at the end of the year, on a whim. This is a great waste of time–fine for a short-sighted teacher looking to make hourly money, but terrible for a teacher seeking to raise standards and promote learning for all students.

This year, I’m focusing entirely on curriculum development, filling out courses, adding courses, adding assessments and answer keys, etc.. All private, behind-the-scenes work–no private student meetings. I’d rather lose hourly/monthly revenue and progress with long-term goals.

As for assessment, I’m going to pay proven students to assist with assignment-grading since they are qualified to do it and could use some money when they move on to college studies.


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