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Harvard Got It Right

Today, Harvard University announced that it will be dealing with controversial public issues differently from now on.

“The University’s leadership can and should speak out on anything relevant to the core function of the University, which is creating an environment suitable for free, open inquiry, teaching, and research. That environment is threatened these days, and we need to defend it. At the same time, the University as an institution should not make official statements on issues outside its core function. Harvard isn’t a government. It shouldn’t have a foreign policy or a domestic policy.”

This is exactly what I said Harvard (and all universities) should do in a recent talk I gave and I’m amazed to see that this is what the University has chosen to do. It is such a relief to me as I become a part of the Harvard community and I have to admit that over the past few months, I’ve had doubts about whether I should study somewhere else because of the distractions. This is the second test Harvard has passed for me.

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