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Heresies Revived

Does this sound familiar?

They taught that…the Roman Church is not holy, nor is it the spouse of Christ, but the church of the devil, holding the doctrine of the demons, and that it is that Babylon which, in the Apocalypse, John calls the mother of fornications and abominations, drunk with the blood of the saints and the martyrs of Jesus Christ. Its institution is neither holy nor good, nor established by the Lord Jesus Christ; and neither Christ nor the Apostles established or posited the order of the Mass as it is established today.

Or, how about this?

They spurn the primacy and judgment of the Roman Church and separate themselves from the communion of the Christians living therein. They say that none can be saved in the Roman Church or in her faith…While they blaspheme the hierarchy and the piety of the Catholic Church, they damn every kind of men other than
themselves, and make a false glorification of their small groups by calling them the Catholic Church.

Sounds like something out of a modern Protestant book or sermon, maybe even a sedevacantist writer today.

But no, these are quotes from a book by Bl. Jordan of Saxony around 1235 AD on the heretics that were being dealt with at the time by St. Dominic.

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