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Is THIS the best thing I can do right now?

Christians seem to spend most of their time asking whether this or that activity is a sin, which leads to many inconclusive deliberations.

The question a Christian should be asking is: “Is this the BEST thing I can do right now?”

That question changes everything.


  1. licorr1403 licorr1403 July 24, 2023

    Would the next question then be WHAT is the best thing to do? If so, how could we figure that out? Is there some objective way of knowing I’m choosing the best/better thing rather than relying on my own faulty judgment (especially one that can be scrupulous or uninformed).

    • williamcmichael williamcmichael Post author | July 24, 2023

      I would argue that “better” would be better. How many people, for example, watch pornography rather than simply going to sleep and getting rest needed for work? How many people watch useless videos rather than praying the Liturgy of the Hours–which they obviously have time for? How many people go out to dinner but can’t make it to Eucharistic Adoration or an Evening Mass? We ask, “What, is going to dinner sinful?”, rather than, “Is going to dinner best?”. Jesus didn’t say, “Don’t do what is sinful.”, He said, “Be perfect.” That’s the rule for Christianity.

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