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Kids Approaching Milestones

My son Jonathan (23) will be finishing his Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice next semester and will be commissioned as an officer in the US Army. He has been a leader in his ROTC and has done well in school, studying nearby at the Charlotte campus of the University of North Carolina. His next goal is to attend Army Ranger school. He is incredibly fit, recently scoring 590/600 on the Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT), and spends his spare time boxing in Charlotte.

The kids (minus Mary (19), Samuel (17) and Anna(8)) while home on break Thanksgiving 2022. From right: Elizabeth (22), Jonathan (23), Jacob (16), Joshua (14), Isaiah (12), David (20), Daniel (13).

My daughter Elizabeth (22) will also be wrapping up, studying Political Science, and is also doing well as an ROTC cadet. Elizabeth is a straight A student and what she has achieved has been amazing. She earned one of the most difficult awards in the Army, the Expert Field Medic Badge, in the midst of a semester, while she was studying full-time. She is studying at the Colorado Springs campus of the University of Colorado. She recently earned a Senate Internship with Senator Cynthia Loomis of Wyoming and will be spending the Spring semester in Washington, D.C.. She needs a roommate, so my daughter Mary (19) will be joining her there.

My son David (20) spent this year at UNC Charlotte with Jonathan, but will be transferring to UNC Wilmington on the coast, where my wife’s family lives. He has some close cousins attending there and will be majoring in Business.

My daughter Mary (19) got started at our local community college this semester, studying from home and, as I said, will be spending next semester studying remotely from Washington, DC while she keeps Elizabeth company in DC.

My son Samuel (17) is planning to join the Army next year, but as an Active Duty soldier. He wants to work full-time and study part-time. He recently went through surgery to repair a hernia which would have prevented him from joining the Army next year. He had a 6-week recovery to wait through, but ran a 5k last weekend, and is back in shape and ready to go.

The younger kids are focusing on study and training. We have four boys in a row after Samuel, all of whom are planning on military careers.

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