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Mass on Vacation

While on vacation. Dania and I went to daily Mass at the nearest parish, which was the stereotypical 1970s “Novus Ordo” parish all the trads complain about. I felt like I was 9 years old again (kinda liked it).

There were no pews, just rows of upholstered chairs in a sanctuary that was a multi-purpose room, 20 old parishioners at Mass and an old Salesian priest.

However, the priest focused on the saints of the day and gave two helpful lessons on St. Aollinaris and St. Lawrence of Brundis in his homilies. And, regardless of all of the imperfections, I learned some details about the saints and we were able to receive the sacrament while away from home.

I thank God for the parish, priest and opportunity to receive Communion as a visitor.

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