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Mission Accomplished

Yesterday, I shared the news that Cognia gave the Classical Liberal Arts Academy an IEQ score of 320, which is seventy points higher than the average score of schools and 20 points above the 300 mark that meets accreditation requirements.

The reason why this is signlficant is that this accreditation is for modern schools, and the Classical Liberal Arts Academy is not a modern school.

While offering students the opportunity to study the classical Catholic curriculum, which modern school do not offer, we ALSO satisfy the modern school accreditation standards.

Moreover, while other schools have large, expensive faculties with dozens of administrators and teachers, the Acadeny has one: me. I’m the headmaster, webmaster, curriculum manager, instructor, assignment grader, etc. My wife has assisted me as she’s been availble, while homeschooling our own 10 children. There’s no staff or facilities overhead, no government funding, hardly any tuition, no modern school nonsense, yet the Academy has still surpassed the accreditation standards—on our first attempt.

This was my mission in founding the Classical Liberal Arts Academy: to prove that Catholic schools have no excuse for abandoning the classical Catholic curriculum and following the modern public school model.

Appealing to the need for accreditation has now been demonstrated to be false.

Also, suggesting that the classical Catholic curriculum is outdated or irrelevant today has also been proven false.

For me, the years of crazy work are now over. I’ve proven my case once and for all.


Photo: Library of Congress, Washington, DC. Photo by Elizabeth Michael, 2024.

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