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Modern Academics Know What Catholics Deny (Video)

In the 19th-20th centuries, Popes called for the “restoration of Christian philosophy” (Leo XIII) and for the re-commitment to Scholastic Theology in Catholic seminaries (Pius X). The Popes made it clear that “Scholasticism” was not a historical fad or phase of philosophical evolution that Catholics were supposed to grow out of. Scholasticism is true Catholic philosophy and much of the Church’s teaching can be understood only through Scholastic philosophy.

Nevertheless, nearly all Catholics today think that Scholasticism was a fad that the Church grew out of, and they have embraced modern philosophy as the truth.

As I always find, while modern Catholics either don’t know anything about these things or directly deny them, secular academics understand this perfectly. They understand that modern philosophy is not an expansion of Scholastic philosophy, but a rejection of it. More than that, modern philosophy is a rejection of Catholicism itself, with fundamental issues like authority, interpretation, canonization, etc., being attacked.

Why can secular academics understand this but not Catholics? Below, my philosophy professor at Harvard explains the situation perfectly.

When did the change happen? Not at the Second Vatican Council as the ignorant schismatics suggest. The change happened in the 16th and 17th centuries, when the Scientific Revolution and Protestant Reformation turned Europe against Catholicism. For modern Catholics to pretend that these changes never took place, but that there was simply a continuous development of ideas from medieval times to the present is to deny the reality of history.

Non-Catholics understand this. Modern Catholics refuse to acknowledge it.

Note that the modern “Trad Catholics” who are simply a modern brand of schismatics, completely miss all of this in their messaging, which attacks Church liturgy and ignores philosophical changes outside the liturgy (as Protestants did).

The mission of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy is to restore Catholic philosophy by returning to Scholasticism.


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