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Modern Physics Doesn’t Work

Princeton’s Edward Witten, considered to be the world’s greatest mathematician, explains what’s wrong with modern Physics–a problem the science-worshipping public knows nothing about. Most high school science teachers and professors are just repeating what others have told them about the sciences. Those who actually do the scientific work know.

(This is why I always warn against attending any but the best colleges universities–the science professors at inferior schools aren’t scientists.)

These glaring problems in modern science should warn us that abandoning ancient Philosophy may be irresponsible, but no one wants to hear that.

Note also that these scientists think and talk about things we can’t observe–both at the macro and micro level–and ignore the things we can observe. The underlying assumption is that mathematics is the means to certain knowledge about the natural world.

Could this assumption be wrong?


  1. Jake Le Master Jake Le Master April 4, 2024

    More and more are starting to speak up. World renowned genius physicists like Dr. Wolfgang Smith have become very vocal against Einsteinian physics, heliocentrism, and many other ideas that we’re supposed to blindly accept.

  2. William C. Michael, O.P. William C. Michael, O.P. Post author | April 4, 2024

    The real problem is that the argument against the Ptolemaic model was that the Copernican model leads to a simpler cosmology (i.e., Occam’s Razor). Now, 400 years later, the astronomers can’t maintain the ideas they’ve claimed disprove classical physics and astronomy.

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