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Mom’s in the Hospital

Mom at my son Isaiah’s birthday party on Nov. 21, 2023.

My mother had a mini stroke this evening and is spending the night at the county hospital. Times like these make me thankful to be self-employed and I’m thankful for the opportunity to prepare for my parents’ later years.

Mom is 71 and generally in good health. She hosted Thanksgiving dinner and all was well. This evening, she was with my sister and said her hand felt numb and my sister noticed her speech was slurring a little and her upper lip looked strange. She got Mom to the hospital while I was driving home and I was able to get to the hospital in just a few minutes.

Mom is testing well and resting. Seems like she’ll be alright.

Mom is a Catholic who serves as a faith formation teacher and knits blankets for the sick. Please remember her in your prayers. She’s a good one.



  1. FrJohn FrJohn November 26, 2023

    You replied to this comment.

    • williamcmichael williamcmichael Post author | November 26, 2023

      Thank you, Fr. Owens. She is home and doing well. Testing did not reveal any trouble.

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