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Monster…No, Dinosaur

Have to love when scientists find monsters and explain them away as “dinosaurs”, as if that makes them normal.

We see stories and images of dragons and monsters throughout history that are dismissed as “legends” used to promote superstitious Christian ideas.

Then, scientists find a 6ft. long monster head and pretend there’s nothing to see there. It seems that by calling it a “dinosaur”, though there’s no evidence of a “race” of such creatures, everything is normal.

“Oh, it’s a Dinosaur? That’s no big deal.”

No, it’s a monster. It IS a big deal.

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  1. Matt N Matt N December 11, 2023

    These stories are always good for a laugh. Of course they have to mention matter of factly in the first sentence the creature is 165 million years old as if they found its birth certificate buried alongside the skull.

    My favorite story in this genre is when they noticed a carved relief on a 1,000 year old Cambodian temple that looks suspiciously like what modern science calls a stegosaurus that is of course immediately dismissed as a hoax or myth.

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