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NYTimes: The Problems Only Start With Plagiarism

The Problems Only Start With Plagiarism

“This is a huge issue because those same advisers and peers are the ones who determine the value — or lack of it — of research, largely through their role in publishing it. The coin of the realm in academia is typically the peer-reviewed paper; an academic gets credit for the research she performs when she publishes the results in a scholarly journal. For the most part, these journals will do a quick assessment of a paper’s worthiness and then send the manuscript out to a small number of subject-matter experts (often three) to gauge the quality and importance of the work. But peer reviewers have little incentive to do a thorough job. While universities richly reward a professor’s own research output, they care almost nothing about their professors’ role in checking others’ work.”

In other words, the boasting of the standards of “peer-reviewed” scholarship in modern academia is a bunch of baloney. When actually tested, it’s found to be careless, undermining the whole institution.


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