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NYTimes: Why Aren’t More People Getting Married? Ask Women What Dating Is Like

Good article of the real circumstances women face today and why conservative criticism doesn’t help anything.

Why Aren’t More People Getting Married? Ask Women What Dating Is Like.

Some highlights:

“Harping on people to get married from high up in the ivory tower fails to engage with the reality on the ground that heterosexual women from many walks of life confront: that is, the state of men today.”

“Money is seldom the primary reason” why mothers say they are no longer with their children’s fathers. Instead, mothers point to “far more serious” offenses: “It is the drug and alcohol abuse, the criminal behavior and consequent incarceration, the repeated infidelity, and the patterns of intimate violence that are the villains looming largest in poor mothers’ accounts of relational failure.”

“There are women that are just out here trying, and the men aren’t ready,” she told me. “They don’t care, most of them.” Who, exactly, is Ms. Camino suppose to marry?”

 “The girls do extra and the boys do little or nothing.”

“Rather than chiding people (mostly women, mostly single moms) to get married “for the children,” how about a little empathy that we’re living through a juncture where various forces at play have made meaningful companionship hard to find?”

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