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Officially Finished Accreditation Work

This morning, I met with our two evaluators from Cognia for an hour for our final leadership meeting.

They asked me if the accreditation process had validated anything for me and I answered, “Yes, my confidence that the Classical Liberal Arts Academy could satisfy the accreditation standards was, I believe, validated.”

They then asked if there was any “Aha!” moment during the accreditation process and I said, “Yes, coming to understand that accreditation is not an application for admission to selective club, but a commitment to make a school accountable to outside evaluators and work over time to continuously improve in all areas.”

I think I gave a good answer because the evaluators said they wish they could have recorded my explanation of accreditation.

After they, they asked a few final questions about details of the standards and assurances which I had provided evidence for, to tie up some loose ends, and that was it.

My experience with these two accreditation evaluators and the regional director over the past 2 years could not have been any better. I have a lot of work to do moving forward but I think we did it.

I’ve told my wife that getting the classical liberal arts curriculum accredited is probably the most satisfying achievement of my life because I love the classical liberal arts, classical Philosophy and Scholastic Theology and this silences all who suggest that they are not relevant today.

“Not relevant? They’re even accredited!”

Actually, not yet. We’ll get our final report in late June/early July–but I think we did it.


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