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One Last Hurdle for Accreditation

This morning, my Standards self-evaluation was accepted by our evaluators at Cognia. This was the most difficult part of the accreditation application process, wherein I had to furnish evidence of our Academy’s compliance with 30 accreditation standards.

Our evaluator wrote,

“Great work!  Once you have completed the student performance, marked it ready for review, and I have marked it complete, you will have completed the process for accreditation. Thank you and your wife for all the work you have done throughout this process. Have a great weekend.”

So, I have one last task and God provided for it in an amazing way yesterday. The last self-evaluation is “Student Performance”, which seeks evidence of measured student progress in learning. I would have to explain the process by which we will measure student progress at the institutional level, over time. This means standardized testing.

I would have to find a means of administering standardized tests to our students so that we can collect data that measures the Academy’s work.

Well, yesterday, my wife told me that one of my goddaughters needed help. Her parents were divorcing and she was left in a bad place. She is turning 19, needed to get her high school diploma requirements squared away and needed a photo ID to get started because she hasn’t received a driver’s license yet. She asked us to help her.

So, I told her that I could produce a student photo ID through the Academy for her. As I was placing the order for the student ID card, I realized that the organization that supplies school ID cards also administers standardized testing for schools–and exactly the kind I needed to find.

So, my goddaughter’s need for help turned out to lead me to the solution I needed to prepare the last task of the accreditation process.

I announced the availability of standardized testing in the CLAA yesterday and can write the Student Performance evaluation plan today, with that in place.

That’s Providence.

Getting the classical Catholic curriculum accredited by the world’s leading accreditation agency seemed impossible but I know St. Augustine’s advice was true:

“Have courage; use your reason with confidence in God. Whatever difficulties may threaten us, they are cleared away and all becomes smooth with God’s help.”


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