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Prayer and Fasting

It’s in fashion these days for many to talk about “fasting”. Most of the time, this talk is a result of people desiring to lose weight, which is good, but not the true end of Christian fasting.

Losing weight will never be a sufficient motivation for fasting because we will realize quickly that the people we love really don’t care that we’re carrying an extra 15 lbs.

Fasting requires discipline–for a long time. If we’re aiming to fast for an entire day, or more, the hours go by very slowly. If we’re fasting for the sake of fasting, we won’t last long.

It’s good to keep busy, doing good work, but we can’t do much physical work while we’re trying to fast.

If we’re doing desk work while fasting, we’ll likely start to nod off rather than get anything done.

Thus, we find that the best use of our time while fasting is prayer.

Fasting frees us for prayer, and prayer helps us to fast. Praying the Liturgy of the Hours breaks up the day into parts, which keeps our attention off the time we’re fasting. Praying the Rosary, also, directs our thoughts to the most noble things–the mysteries of Our Lord’s life–and help us to fast. Best of all, uniting our prayers for others with our fasting is both a penitential work and a work of penance, as we offer our sacrifice for those for whom we pray.


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