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Psalm Tones for the Liturgy of the Hours

The Liturgy of the Hours is published with suggested Psalm tones, which can be found in the music section of the single volume Christian Prayer. I have provided simple recordings of each of the psalm tones for any who would like to learn the tones to chant the psalms while reciting the daily offices.

Murray, Tone 1

Murray, Tone 2

Murray, Tone 3

Murray, Tone 4

Murray, Tone 4#

Murray, Tone 5

Murray, Tone 6

Murray, Tone 7

Murray, Tone 8

Jones, Tone 1

Jones, Tone 2

Jones, Tone 3

Jones, Tone 4

Jones, Tone 5

Bevenot, Tone 1

Bevenot, Tone 2

Bevenot, Tone 3

Benevot, Tone 4

Bevenot, Tone 5

Bevenot, Tone 6

Bevenot, Tone 7

Bevenot, Tone 8

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