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Refutation of “Scientific” Arguments in Support of Homosexuality

I stumbled across this article, which very effectively refutes popular “scientific” arguments made to deny the pathological nature of homosexuality and suggest that it is “normal human sexual behavior”. The author uses the logical approach to refutation that I mentioned in a recent talk on refuting false modern philosophies. Here are some highlights:

“The continuum argument, when it is followed to its logical conclusion, entirely does away with any need for psychology or psychiatry. If that were the case then there would be no such thing as a mental disorder (or physical disorder for that matter), and there would be no need for those groups that diagnose and treat mental disorders.”


“One cannot conclude that a human behavior is normal simply because it is more common than previously assumed—otherwise all human behaviors, including serial killing, would have to be considered normal.”


“One cannot conclude that there is “nothing unnatural” about a behavior simply because it is observed in both humans and animals—otherwise cannibalism would have to be considered to be natural.”


“One cannot conclude that a mental condition is not disordered because it does not result in “maladjustment,” distress, or impairment in social functioning—otherwise, many mental disorders would have to be labeled erroneously as normal.”

These are great refutations of arguments made to justify the classification of homosexuality as “normal” human behavior. I recommend reading the entire article.

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