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She Who Is To Be Born

“The ruler in Israel will give them up, until the time when she who is to give birth has borne.”

Micah 5, quoted in the Liturgy of the Hours

In modern society, many doubt Catholic teaching on the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is especially true of the Doctrine of her “Immaculate Conception”.

The Church teaches us that Mary, in preparation for her unique vocation as the Mother of God, received grave that allowed her to be conceived without the “contracting” Original Sin from her natural parents.

Contrary to all objections, this IS perfectly reasonable. Any time something great is to be done we make preparations for it. Something great was to be done. Preparations were made for it. Perfectly reasonable.

Those who object, normally Protestants, would have us believe that no preparation was made until the angel Gabriel was sent to a lucky girl named Mary who, that day, was picked from the Jewish female population to become the woman whose womb God would use to produce the Savior–to serve a role comparable to a surrogate mother.

This view of Mary as the lucky lady from Nazareth, however, is not biblical.

After all, Mary was no surrogate, serving as a substitute for another woman who was the real mother. Mary was the real mother of the Savior. Moreover, she was spoken of by the prophets, throughout history.

In Micah 5, we find one such message.

“The ruler in Israel will give them up, until the time when she who is to give birth has borne.”

Mary is referred to, prophetically, as “she who is to give birth”. This is added to Isaiah’s word that “a Virgin shall conceive and bear a Son.” Notice that the Virgin does not merely carry the child, but conceives.

The Son of God receives his physical body from that of the Virgin Mary. Inasmuch as Christ is eternally united as God and man, Mary is eternally His true mother.

It was necessary that Christ, for whose coming all of human history made preparation, would receive His human body from a human mother. Would that human mother not be prepared?

Obviously, in the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit is already speaking of Mary, not by her proper name, but as “she who is to give birth”. It is certain that if God saw fit to prepare men to receive the Word when He was “made flesh”, that He would also prepare her from whom He would be made so.

Many object and ask, “If it was necessary for Mary to be prepared in some special way for the coming of the Christ, why weren’t her parents and ancestors also prepared in some special way?”

They were. The history of that preparation is the message of the whole Old Testament.

The Church’s teaching on the Immaculate Conception cannot be objected to with any appeal to Reason.


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