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Simple Assessment Needed for Good Students

Much of the trouble modern schools go through with inventing activities and assessments is caused by the foolish attempt to educate children who don’t want to study. Historically, these children would never have been in schools and, when all of the fake compulsory education is over, they will be just as well off as if they had not been to school at all. In fact, they’ll be worse off than children were who weren’t made to go to school.

When dealing with children who should be in school, nothing more than simple assessments are necessary. They complete their studies as they are instructed and they can provide evidence of their understanding with simple written assessments.

Plus, when it comes to grading student work, the only real consideration is: Should this child be studying the classical Catholic curriculum? No one wants to hear the truth today because it’s taught that everyone can be whatever they want to be, but that is often the best response to poor student work.

Again, we can play the modern school game, but we’re denying reality. Study is a vocation in this life and very few have the interest and ability to do it.


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