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Statistical Sophistry

The CNN headline reads:

Alejandro Mayorkas impeachment: How each US House member voted | CNN Politics

The stats are presented to suggest that Mayorkas was impeached by “just one vote”. Yes, just one vote from some right wing MAGA maniac caused a man to be impeached.

Actually, that’s not what happened.

If a vote to impeach an elected official was held on any given day, no one would vote “Yes”. A good official would have ZERO votes for impeachment.

Mayorkas, on the other hand, had 214 elected Representives vote “Yes” that he should be impeached. His impeachment was not determined by one or a few Representatives.

It was caused by 214 Representatives.

No other officials are being impeached.  This isn’t something the Republican party does to every Democrat-appointed official. This individual has been called out because of a problem that has developed under his administration and 214 elected Representatives have voted him to be worthy of impeachment. That’s 214 more than he should want there to be.

These Representatives represent hundreds of millions of Americans. They are not random opinionated men. They are elected representatives.

Mayorkas wasn’t impeached by “one vote”.

He was impeached by 214 votes.

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