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The Goal of Atomism/Atheism

An American atheist philosopher supposedly made the statement below. It is clear that it is intended to mock any belief that man is created in God’s image, has intrinsic value, etc.

Now, in modern American society, this is shared around social media as some clever saying. But there is a reason why atheism and atomism have been able to revive: no one is studying the art of Reasoning any more. Only in such a context can anyone be this dumb and get away with it.

This “philosopher” argues that none of your cells know who you are, therefore, you are not significant. You should simply “eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die.”

The argument is an example of the fallacy of composition. In this fallacy, one argues that what is true of the parts must be true of the whole. Many easy examples can be provided:

  • our team has the best player at every position, therefore, we are the best team.
  • none of the parts of a car can move, therefore, a care cannot move.
  • If you like chocolate, mayonnaise and ketchup, then, you will love our chocolate-mayonnaise-ketchup pie.

The unreasonableness of these arguments is obvious.

Similarly this “philosopher” argues that because no cell of the body values man, that man is not valued by man.

In a society where children were made to study the art of Reasoning, this man would be laughed out of the room. He would be considered a fool. On the other hand, in modern America, people can think this is intelligent.


Because they want this to be true.

The end of goal of atheism/atomism is to justify men’s rejection of Catholic moral teaching. All of the talk of modern scientists that extends beyond the reach of natural science is motivated by this end. Philosophy is not friendly to the unjust, but natural science, in an ignorant materialistic society, can be.


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