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The Goodness of the Rosary

When I converted from Protestantism, I wondered, “What is the benefit of the Rosary?”. I think I’ve always asked that as a Catholic.

Recently, as life grows busier, I’ve come to appreciate the Rosary an an activity that has one great benefit: it’s pure.

So many of my activities–discussions, studies, works, etc., are mingled with good and bad influences from all different courses.

When I pray the Rosary, I notice that there are no bad influences. It’s just good. All good. My thoughts are pure. My words are pure. I hear no objections. I hear no contradictions or false statements. Everything is good.

I know there are graces promised to those who pray the Rosary, but what motivates me to pray it and what I enjoy most about it is its simple goodness. It’s something I had to experience to understand and appreciate.

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