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The Irrationality of Ancient History

“Mother and Child” balancing rocks in Zimbabwe, Africa.

The “Ice Age” refers to a period of history where the earth was, supposedly, covered by glaciers. This was never believed in human history before the 18th century.

It was never included in divine revelation.

The original theory for the “Ice Age” was based on the presence of boulders found in various places, whose origin could not be explained. One theory was that the boulders were carried by glaciers and then left behind when the glacier melted and retreated.

This theory would appear to make sense. I mean, the idea that a glacier could move a large stone and then leave it behind is plausible.

There’s a problem with this explanation, though.

While the “Ice Age” theory can be used to explain the presence of “erratic boulders” in regions closer to the poles, it doesn’t explain the presence of similar boulders found in warmer areas where no suggestion of “glaciation” can be made.

In other words, the boulders in warmer areas are just ignored.

“Krishna’s Butterball” boulder in eastern India.

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