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The Truth about Hamas, Israel and Gaza

Ret. Gen. Wesley Clark

Truth on Israel, Hamas and Gaza from Gen. Wesley Clark, interviewed yesterday on CNN–read it all.

CNN Anchor:

General, I’m curious, this is such a difficult spot for the civilians to be in, in Gaza. You had this surprise attack that happened to Israel that no one saw coming, intelligence-wise at least here in Israel and from the U.S. And now you know an attack is imminent. You know a potential ground invasion is coming after there have been multiple strikes from the air. How do you deal with this on the ground if ground? If you’re a civilian? What does this mean in a place that is perhaps one of the most populated, densely populated areas in the world? There’s no doubt in your mind that civilians are going to face…

Gen. Wesley Clark

“Sure. You have to understand that Hamas knew all of this. Hamas planned at least a two-phase, maybe a three-phase operation here.

The first phase was going to Israel, kill as many people as you can, make them as mad as possible and invite them to attack on the ground.

Second phase, let them come in, keep your civilian population in place, use the civilians as human shields, get the world’s press attention on it, show how inhumane the Israelis are, use world opinion against the Israelis.

If it takes three weeks, four weeks, five weeks and the Israelis get really bogged down, maybe Hezbollah will even come in from the north and maybe even Iran.

But at the minimum, what you’ve done is you’ve shown up in front of world opinion the Israelis.

Hamas is deliberately doing this. They’re deliberately putting two million people at risk. They’re deliberately using the civilians as human hostages.

And when I see the United Nations secretary-general talking about crimes against humanity, it’s Hamas that’s starting the crimes against humanity.

This was a terrorist act. It was a slaughter last Saturday. It was done deliberately to provoke what the Israelis have no choice but to do. They can’t live with this. They can’t let this threat persist on the border of their country.

So everybody knew what was are going to happen, especially Hamas knew. So I think the condemnation starts with the condemnation of Hamas.

This is an organization that was created with the express purpose of eliminating Israel. So the people that voted for Hamas knew what they were voting for. Maybe some of them were coerced into it.

But Hamas is a militant terrorist organization. It’s not an alternative government. It’s not the Palestinian Authority. It’s not someone you can reason with.

I think we have to understand this is a war not only on the ground in Gaza, but a war of global opinion.

And right now, on CNN, on of the battlefields, this is what it’s about. It’s the American public, the global public watching this and saying, oh, what’s happening, why, and who’s right, who’s wrong and what can be done on this?

The simple fact is it began with Hamas. Israel is going to do what it has to do to survive as a state. Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel, using its own civilian population as hostages and weapons in this war.

It’s a totally immoral, terrible approach. I hope it will receive the global condemnation that it warrants.”


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