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Two Harvard Grad Courses, Two A’s

This week, I finished my second grad course at Harvard and earned my second A, my final grade being a 98.

I had a 100% for discussions, 99% for three essays, 97% on the midterm exam (perfect scores on two essays, one m/c question wrong) and a 94% on the final (perfect scores on two essays, two m/c questions wrong).

This second course, “History of the Philosophy of Religion” with Prof. Jeffrey McDonough was the best course I’ve ever taken. It was the first time I was ever sad when the course ended. The world would be a better place if every human being was required to take this course.

This summer, I’ll be taking my third Harvard course, a Proseminar which is supposed to be the first course taken at Harvard, but which will be my third. It’s a research methodology course that prepares grad students for research projects. I will be working to expand my book “Understanding Classical Catholic Education” with my research work.

But now, one month off to get a break.

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