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What Do the Poor Children Need?

As the Supreme Court considered the reversal of Roe v. Wade in 2022, Vox published an articles, “The End of Roe Will Mean More Children Living in Poverty“, which said the following:

“Families will be adding a new child in states that have made it harder for them to afford food and housing. More children could end up living in poverty, their households struggling to pay for bare necessities. Research suggests their parents will be less likely to purchase items that help with the child’s development, and they may struggle to hit early milestones compared to their peers in other states. The children born in these circumstances will start life a few steps behind, all because their political leaders strove to ban abortion without offering support to the children who would be born if their aims were achieved.”

The argument is that abortion is good for poor children. Murdering children, it is argued, will protect them from the evils of life, like lacking necessities, being unable to develop, being a step behind their peers, etc.

Murder is better than these things?

In America, these poor children lack no such things. Their parents receive generous help from welfare programs, they receive free public education, free healthcare, on and on. This argument “for the poor” is a lie–a really stupid lie.

At Evening Prayer this evening, I read the following antiphon:

“The Lord will save the children of the poor and rescue them from slavery.”

Liturgy of the Hours

In other words, the Creator of the world explicitly denies this hopeless argument for the children of the poor. Instead He promised that He will save them and protect them.

Thus, if poor parents were devout, they would have reason to hope for good for their poor children. God Himself promised to care for them. There is no need for parents to be anxious or despair–or try to prevent childbearing. The Lord will save the children of the poor.

We find, instead, that the irreligion of men and women denies their children this hope. The unbelieving, with all of their stupid objections to religion, demonstrate the foolishness of their opinions by the murdering of their children.

That the denial of Christianity is some kind of innocent position is common in our society. We are supposed to believe that people who reject the religion of the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule are “good people”. Even when their innocent atheism or agnosticism leads to the murdering of children, we have to all pretend that everyone’s opinions are good. Everyone is good.

The denial of Christianity is evil. It’s doctrines are sublime, yet reasonable. Those who reject the Christian faith have no justification for doing so. They are simply evil, as the effects of their lives prove. Abortion may be the clearest of them.

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