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What I Think is Happening in the World

As we look around at current events, it’s not looking good for Catholics. Anti-Catholic ideas are spreading rapidly, everywhere. There is division within the Church, with many Catholics contradicting and disobeying the Pope and bishops. The Church seems to be diminishing on the world stage, while falsehood and evil appear to be multiplying

What’s going on?

Christianity is a heavenly religion, intended to be observed for eternity and during His incarnation, many sought to make Christ a king. Yet, Christ made the nature of His rule clear, saying, “My kingdom is not of this world.”

Jesus taught His disciples the importance of humility, voluntary poverty, gentleness, justice, mercy and, most importantly, charity. He constantly opposed the thoughts and actions of the “zealots” who sought to fight for earthly power, and called upon His followers to “store up treasure in heaven”.

Christianity was not presented as a powerful earthly political movement but as an everlasting and universal kingdom that would never end.

Yet, by the 5th century, Christianity had become the official religion of the mighty Roman Empire and its prelates held the most influential offices on earth. They achieved this without raising a sword or leading a revolution. They were given this status upon the conversion of the Emperor Constantine in 312 AD.

The gain in earthly and political power by the Catholic Church was an unexpected stroke of providence. The Christians were handed the keys to the kingdom of this world.

It is crucial for Christians to recognize that the rise to power on earth by the Church was the result not of political or military action, but evangelization. The Church preached the Gospel and the emperor converted. It was a spiritual takeover accomplished by the power of God.

For the next 1,000 years, this providential growth in temporal power continued and Catholic learning and culture reached its zenith with Scholasticism in the 13th century.

However, the growth and glory of Christendom seemed to contradict what Christ and the Apostles taught in the New Testament. Foreseeing the “end times”, they spoke of apostasy and suffering among Christians on earth, leading to the manifestation of the “Antichrist” whom Christ would destroy Himself at the second coming.

How would we move from the glories of 13th century Christendom to the terrors of the Antichrist?

I believe that in the 14th-18th centuries, a series of movements developed on earth that were diabolical, for the evil of them was too deceptive for any human conception.

First, in Europe, there was a call for a return to false pagan philosophy and culture, that which was rejected by the virtuous pagans and Christians. This period was arrogantly called the Renaissance (“rebirth”), and was adorned with an appearance of a love for beauty, but it was a subtle unraveling of the accomplishments of Catholic culture and revival of pernicious pagan philosophies that would open the door to many evils. This began in the 14th century, and we might consider Dante Alighieri to have been the last of the Catholic poets.

Second, there was a rejection of Scholastic philosophy and a call for a “new instauration” human learning by means of a “new method”. We see this movement rising under the influence of Galileo as he presents experimental science as a greater authority that divine revelation or the Church’s magisterium. This modern philosophy was formalized by Francis Bacon. Ancient natural philosophy and natural theology were rejected and replaced by the “scientific method”, which led to the “Scientific Revolution” of the 18th century.

Third, there was a religious revolution that divided Christendom and transferred the secular power attained by the Church through the conversion of Constantine and achievements of great Catholic rulers like Charlemagne, back to secular rulers. The so-called “Protestant Reformation” saw schismatics and heretics in the Catholic Church ally themselves with anti-Catholic secular powers to separate lands and resources from Catholic control. Initially, the Protestants though that they would bring power to Protestant Christians, but being cut off from the Church, they were destined to wither and leave what were the Church’s resources in the control of anti-Catholic secular powers. We this in England, Germany, Switzerland and other European countries.

Fourth, there was the discovery of the “New World” and the establishment of Democracy as a form of government. This was surely the last and greatest blow to Christendom, through which all of the gains of Catholic culture were unraveled. The pristeen natural resources of the new continents allowed America to rise to political and economic supremacy in less than 200 years. This supremacy is an illusion, however, because it is owed entirely to the natural resources of the new world.

What we see in the daily news is the working out of the evils of Democracy. No system of government could be imagined that might be more destructive (over time) to human society, and the deceptive means by which it was established, through talk of liberty and justice, could only have been designed by a supernatural source. The notion that the majority of human beings, who seek carnal pleasure as the end of their lives, should rule over the good and wise minority who seek virtue and wisdom, could never be accepted by men without the greatest of delusions, yet it was in the 18th century–and not in America only. Today, the western nations work to force democracy on nations around the world.

Those living in western society are gradually realizing that in democratic states there really is no government. Ambitious politicians realize that there is no “truth” to fight for, but whatever policies accumulate the greatest number of voters (no matter how perverse and foolish) are the means to power, wealth and influence. Groups of evil people unite to gain political power though they hate one another and can never remain in their alliances. Police cannot resist the numbers of law-breakers who turn institutions upside down and have no regard for the consequences of the changes they call for. Militaries cannot fight against terrorist groups that do not separate from civilians but launch attacks from schools and hospitals and use women and children as shields.

The world unfolding is not like the pre-Christian pagan world, as some say. In that world, powerful rulers sought out prudent counselors, ordered their kingdoms for profit and punished the evil. The world we’re seeing develop is unprecedented in evil and, with Pandora’s box of democracy now opened, it will never be shut.

Consequently, we can see how the rise of Christendom can be overcome and the decline of society carried out. I believe the combination of these cunning movements will succeed, in God’s providence, of bringing about the end-times circumstances warned of in the Scriptures.

The insanity, perversity and evil will only get worse, as we were warned:

“There will be terrifying times in the last days. People will be self-centered and lovers of money, proud, haughty, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, irreligious, callous, implacable, slanderous, licentious, brutal, hating what is good, traitors, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, as they make a pretense of religion but deny its power. Reject them.”

2 Timothy 3

I believe these days are unfolding before us.

Now, some Catholics will complain that I am pessimistic and that Christians should fight this evil, by political or even military means, but this is false. Christianity did not acquire its worldly power and wealth by military means, nor will it regain them by such. Christianity did not acquire its political influence by cunning political action, nor will it regain it by such. The power and riches of Christendom were gained by divine providence and the changes that have taken place in the world since the 14th century reveal that phase of Christian history to be over.

Ungodly men will defeat Christians politically because democracy favors them. They will gain more and more control of democratic states until that power is complete. Christians will then become subject to greater and greater violence, with freedoms stated in the constitutions of these democratic states denied to Christians through appeals to “science”, “freedom of religion” and “democracy”. We already see these channels being explored today.

It will get worse for Christians, but those who are united to Christ and His Church will have the grace needed to persevere to the end. Those outside the Church, or in the Church in body but not heart, will not be able to endure.

This is what I think is going on today.


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