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What Scientists Should Do on Mars

Listening to Elon Musk or other scientists talk about life on Mars is embarrassing. Human beings cannot live on Mars or anywhere else in the universe. Scientists are warning us daily that if the temperature rises just a few degrees on earth, we might cease to exist. On the other hand, they’re talking about living on Mars, where the average temperature is -80F, 20 degrees colder than the South Pole. There’s also no oxygen on Mars, nor water.

Human beings can never live on Mars.

This, however, is unnecessary and efforts to “produce oxygen” on Mars make no sense because men do not need to live on Mars.

Men can simply work on Mars. In fact, we already are.

They can do so through the machines they create, which can operate in cold temperatures with no oxygen or water. There is, after all, solar energy on Mars, and any machine that can operate on solar energy can operate on Mars. Rather than annoying us on earth, artificial intelligence and robots can be used to perform work on Mars that fulfill needs of men on earth. Heck, an entire AI-driven robot civilization can be built on Mars.

Thus, all of the technology man is developing can be used to work on Mars. Man can send machines, robots and computers to Mars and direct their activity there. This would actually make sense of all of the interest in both technology and space travel.

Through machines, men can work on Mars.

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