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Why I Believe in God

In Morning Prayer today, we read:

“I call to God the Most High,
to God who has always been my help.”

Psalm 57

When I was 17, I was lost. I don’t mean I was an evil scoundrel in the gutter, overrun with vices. I was never such. I was a young man with no guidance, connections, or resources in the world.

Good things began happening in my life and they all had one thing in common: Christianity.

If I received help, it came from a Christian, in God’s name. I noticed the overall movement of my life was from bad to good, that life was good to me.

I studied the Bible because Christians, who did good to me, invited me to. No other religion (including Catholicism) reached out to me when I was lost. It was Bible-believing Christians, calling me to read the Bible. So, I started studying the Bible, because it came to me.

As a lost young man with no wise men in my life, I lived by the advice I gained from the Bible, and my life began to prosper. I became wiser than my teachers, because God’s word was wiser than them. I was led through snares that entangled other young men, men who had better circumstances than me. I outlasted my peers as we entered adult life.

I won awards. I had success. I could handle stress. I could overcome difficult circumstances and setbacks. Thinking of the God I read about in the Bible and trusting, for some reason, that He was interested in me, allowed me to do so.

I have never seen God. God has never spoken to me. It is because of things that happened in my life that I believe in God. Having proven to be a reliable guide through the past difficult periods of my life, I trust Him in the present troubles, and will trust Him in future troubles as well.

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